CrossFit Coach: Meet Amanda!

Sun, 15 May 2022
September 7, 2022
CrossFit Coach: Meet Amanda!

CrossFit Eminence is proud to introduce Coach Amanda and her CrossFit Journey

CrossFit Eminence's Coach Amanda Before and After CrossFit Pictures

Amanda came to CrossFit Eminence in 2019, and as soon as she stepped foot through our doors, we knew that she was going to be a wonderful addition to our community. Her friendliness towards everyone radiates in the gym, and she always has a positive outlook! And after passing the CrossFit Eminence Internship Program last year, she quickly became an integral part of our staff.  You can find Coach Amanda in charge of CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Eminence in Thornton, Colorado, normally on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm. All the rest of the days you'll still find her at the gym - just working out in one of our many other classes!

Here is Coach Amanda's inspiring story:  

Just over 10 years ago in high school, I was at my heaviest - weighing in at 182 pounds. I played some sports, but mentally I wasn't prepared to get fit. I had lost some weight in college, but it was stagnant with little to no structure. Then a few years later, I was challenged to try something new in my hometown.  So I "drank the CrossFit Kool-aid" in 2017, and I was hooked!!

My body showed some amazing and fun results right away! I competed in the CrossFit Open my first year in, where I successfully did multiple push-ups in a row. I even got my first pull-up the following year! Those small wins kept me going to CrossFit classes.

Moving to Denver in 2019, I quickly found my extended family at CrossFit Eminence. I was inspired to train harder than ever, studied hard to obtain my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate, and gained a true passion for coaching others. I became laser-focused on bettering myself, and others. It all came together. Today, in 2022, I'm sitting at a healthy and strong weight at 153 pounds.

My current goals at CrossFit Eminence are staying on my nutrition, getting a muscle-up, and completing the "Murph" workout with a 14-pound weight vest for the first time ever (I'll let you know how that goes)!

Come see Coach Amanda and meet all of our other incredible coaches by signing up for a free consultation at See you soon!

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