Losing Weight on a Vegetarian Diet: Dani's Story

Sun, 19 Jun 2022
September 2, 2022
Losing Weight on a Vegetarian Diet: Dani's Story
Losing weight on a vegetarian diet - before and after front
Losing weight on a vegetarian diet - before and after side
Losing weight on a vegetarian diet - before and after back

During our 2022 Fall Shred Nutrition Program, Dani had a few extra challenges to work with. Losing weight on a vegetarian diet can be tough to navigate through, as it can be easy to lose sight of protein intake. During the challenge, Dani learned that she needed more protein than she normally ate to sustain her active lifestyle. She also had several vacations that were pre-planned and scheduled during the 12 weeks of her cut. But she did an incredible job, and even averaged 3 classes per week at CrossFit Eminence. All her hard work paid off as she gained a significant amount of lean mass while losing body fat, which is amazing. We are so proud of her!

Finding my why

I joined the challenge because I was tired of not feeling confident after gaining so much weight with school and starting my career. But I wasn’t going to the gym consistently, and I wasn’t feeling great after workouts anymore. I used to eat meals full of only carbs and fats. The best thing about the diet is that I learned about what I should be eating and how to cook right for myself! I am more aware of what fats, carbs and protein (macros) all the foods contain, and what my body really needs.

Life happens

I would say I stuck to the diet this past 12 weeks maybe 80% overall. I started off at 100% adherence, but then family came to visit, I had lots of trips and I fell off the diet on occasions. But even with the little slip ups, I am happy with what I accomplished. My strength and stamina have gone up. I am getting new PRs. And I feel energized enough to do more than 1 workout a day. I lost about 12lbs the whole challenge and I haven’t weighed this little since High School!

We were all in this together

It was nice to have the private Facebook group and a lot of people doing the challenge too, because I didn’t feel alone in my struggles. Chad was an amazing coach because he was so patient, and he answered all my dumb questions. He helped me adjust the diet, since I am losing weight on a vegetarian diet and helped me stay motivated. I highly encourage this nutrition program to anyone, because of what you learn in the process. There was a lot of changes in myself and everyone who did it. I am overall very happy with my results, how I feel and look, and everything I learned in the process of it all!

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