Progressing in CrossFit - Tips from a Long-Time Athlete

Frustrated with your progress in CrossFit? Sometimes, it just takes some reflection.
Kat Rames
August 24, 2023
Progressing in CrossFit - Tips from a Long-Time Athlete

This article hit home for me. We all make our own goals, and progress at our own pace.

10 years ago I used 3 green bands to do a Kipping pull-up. I could not climb the rope or do a hand-stand push up. All Push-ups we’re from my knees and I couldn’t do a double under to save my life!!! I remember the day that I tried and tried to get a 65 pound power clean and I just couldn’t do it. I frequently cried on the way home from 5:15 am class and threatened (poor Chad) to quit CrossFit over and over again. What’s the worst? The worst for me at that time was seeing “new” people join the gym and start off like me… but then seem to quickly get faster, lift heavier, and I’m left wondering why I’m not getting any better. But I was! Just at my own pace. Could I lift heavier and try to go faster during my workouts? Sure, but you all know, that’s not me.

But don’t be mistaken - that doesn’t mean I wasn’t trying hard.

Today, my squat still breaks down around 100 pounds, and I’m almost always the last person to finish a workout. But I can do push-ups, Kipping pull-ups, climb a rope and do hand stand push-ups! I can do dubs too… and pistols only on my right side.

I’m working on my chest to bars and getting better at my toes to bar. I have goals for Olympic Weightlifting and mostly just trying to be as consistent as can be at the gym. Will I ever RX workouts? No, probably not. Will I ever get a muscle up? Who knows. But the goals that are possible just beyond the horizon is what makes CrossFit fun for me.

I’m in better shape than my entire immediate family, and the only one not on medications. I may always be “at the bottom” of the list on SugarWOD but I’m proud I am showing up. I have come a long way not only physically, but mentally as well. Today, I’m proud of all of you who can do allllll the things at the gym - it’s amazing and inspiring to see. And I’m also equally as proud of myself, for sticking with it through all the ups and downs over the years and prioritizing my own fitness. Sometimes its very easy to lose sight of how much you are actually progressing. We get caught up in what others are doing. Take a step back, see where you started, and continue to celebrate the wins no matter how big or small because believe me, all of those small wins add up!!!

Here’s the article to read!! Check it out!

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