Chad Rames

Chad Rames

Owner, Head Coach

"We don’t coach to win at all costs, we do things the right way… even if it is to the detriment of our score."


Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3)

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach

RP Certified Nutrition Coach

Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 2

Conjugate Powerlifting Level 1

CrossFit Kids Trainer

Gymnastics Certificate

Lesson Planning Certificate

SafeSport Trained

CPR/AED Certified

About Coach

I was “born and raised” in Oahu, Hawaii and my passion growing up was soccer. I am a coach’s son, and as a coach, my father always stressed the importance of being a great sportsman. We would discuss the four C’s – Coachable, Considerate, Confidence, and Class. These four words were stressed at every practice, every game, and every single interaction in life. Soccer was also where my coaching career began. As a 12-year-old kid, I was given the opportunity to coach soccer and continued to do so for over ten years at several different levels, with some amazing mentors. After those ten years, I ultimately gave up coaching soccer to focus on finding a “normal” career and starting a family.

Turning Point

I was very fortunate to find a lucrative desk job at a financial company. Working there for 20 years, I struggled with being overweight. I tried so many different options to offset my sedentary lifestyle (all of them were either a fad, or a quick way to lose weight), but nothing really stuck. I happened to find CrossFit in 2011 online and tried it out at the nearest CrossFit gym. At the time, I definitely enjoyed it as it brought back the joy of competing and working toward challenging goals, but I did not appreciate how much working out with a community and coaches truly helped keep me on track. After a few months, I decided to build a home gym to do CrossFit by myself to save some money, but I quickly stopped doing it, and the equipment started to collect dust. After a few years of trying to run and lift weights, I relented and made my way back to a CrossFit gym, and this time, it truly changed my life. I found the right community and coaches that helped me realize things that I never thought I could do. I fell so much in love with it, that I wanted to provide others with the same experience.

Motivation & Passion

When I started coaching CrossFit, it brought back all those fond memories of soccer in Hawaii growing up, and the four C’s, which continue to be the base of my coaching philosophy. Be Coachable – I’m always open to feedback and I’m always looking to improve as a Coach. Be Considerate – I try to be constantly aware of others' feelings and circumstances for every single athlete that I am coaching. Be Confident – My confidence is derived from knowledge, so if I am not confident, I continue to research, learn and apply the knowledge until I am. And finally, Class – Win with humility and lose with grace. We don’t coach to win at all costs, we do things the right way... even if it is to the detriment of our score. There is always someone better, and there is always someone chasing – we are gracious to everyone. My goal is to give EVERYONE the life-changing experience that I went through when I started. It is amazing to see people change their bodies, get more confident, achieve things they previously thought were unthinkable, and help them find their passion for fitness.

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