Kat Rames

Kat Rames


"Now I care less about what my "score" is, and just focus on showing up every day."


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach

National Academy of Sports Science (NASM) Certified Nutrition Coach

RP Certified Nutrition Coach

Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 2

Conjugate Power Lifting Level 1

CrossFit Kids Trainer

Gymnastics Certificate

Spot the Flaw Certificate

SafeSport Trained

CPR/AED Certified

About Coach

Born and raised on the Island of Oahu, I grew up hanging out at the beach and playing outside in the sun. But when it came to organized sports, I was always picked last. But luckily, I’m open to trying new things – no matter how terrible I am at it. So, in 2011, when my husband suggested we try this new fitness program called “CrossFit,” I was willing to give it a try!

Turning Point

The fact that CrossFit has so many movements to get better at, has kept me engaged throughout the years. But it has been an emotional rollercoaster. I used 3 big bands to assist me in pull-ups for years, and in fact, I still, scale many of the workouts every day. There have been many times that I gave up and “quit,” but somehow, I always found myself back at the gym again. Then in 2016, I learned that by correctly fueling my body with nutrition, along with consistent exercise, I could control the multitude of health issues that runs in my family – including my high cholesterol! Truth be told, I also loved the way my body was beginning to look. Now I care less about what my "score" is, and just focus on showing up every day.

Motivation & Passion

Today, I would like to say that I push myself all the time, but that wouldn’t be true. In fact, most days you’ll hear me in the gym (I'm there pretty much every day), but I'm complaining the loudest. One might think that's not normal for a coach - but I think that makes me unique. As someone who has always struggled with exercise, I frequently relate to those who feel less than enthusiastic about working out. As a coach, I am passionate about simplifying workouts and movements in a way that makes sense to those that are still learning. And as someone who is still working on getting healthier every day, I love being part of our awesome community at CrossFit Eminence, as we both struggle to motivate one another... and celebrate incredible wins together!

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