Best CrossFit Community: The Importance of Finding the Right Community-Based Fitness Center For You

Thu, 05 Aug 2021
September 2, 2022
Best CrossFit Community: The Importance of Finding the Right Community-Based Fitness Center For You

CrossFit communities are not one and the same - every gym is independently owned and has its own unique vibe. It's important to find the CrossFit gym perfect for you!

The Silly CrossFit Community at CrossFit Eminence - our Eminence 'Ohana.
The Silly CrossFit Community at CrossFit Eminence in Thornton, Colorado (the Eminence 'Ohana)!

There are a lot of wonderful CrossFit gyms out there - each with a thriving community of their own. In fact, most locally owned gyms strive to provide a supportive, and encouraging environment. Regardless, not all CrossFit communities are one and the same! Finding the gym community that is right for you, is extremely important in order to feel motivated, energized, and ready to crush your goals!

Why are community-based gyms important?

We all know that regular exercise and good nutrition is the key to staying healthy. But most people find that they fail, because in order to be successful, we need to be consistent. And community-based gyms provide that support system and the motivation that is necessary for many of us to get off of the couch and into the gym on a consistent basis. When like-minded individuals come together, they are able to connect with others that are going through similar experiences. This community environment is what helps to foster accountability and consistency! And consistency drives results.

The right gym community will give you a sense of belonging. And when all the stars align, an awesome gym creates the support structure that will help you be successful in your goals. You'll get accountability from other members that are in the same situation as you - celebrating wins together, as well as leaning on each other when times get tough. Your gym community will also help you get back on track, when you've gotten off your routine! And who else will celebrate with you after a particularly difficult workout. Community-based gyms can also have a fun, social atmosphere. You'll find yourself going to the gym more often, you'll feel better about yourself, and your confidence will grow.

What to look for in a CrossFit community

Fitness is hard. CrossFit can be hard. Many times, after a class you'll be on the ground trying to catch your breath after a truly intense workout! But when a group of individuals experience this together, they can't help but form bonds with those around them. The gym becomes a space to foster relationships and friendships. It becomes a space where people can interact with each other - bounce goals off of each other, share frustrations, and cheer each other on. Therefore, it's important to find a CrossFit community that matches your personality. You shouldn't feel "in the way" or out of place. Make sure that you feel comfortable with who you workout with every day!

When you step through that door, ask yourself a few questions. Do you feel welcomed? Are those around you encouraging, even though you might not know them well yet? Were the members, coaches, and owners genuine, inclusive, and helpful? Are there dedicated members that have been at that location for a long time? A long-term, supportive community is key to understanding if the gym is keeping members happy and healthy.

What makes the community at CrossFit Eminence different

At CrossFit Eminence, our members often tell us how our CrossFit community has a different vibe. Many CrossFit gyms will say they provide a non-judgmental environment for people no matter what skill level they have. And that is probably true! But at CrossFit Eminence you'll find a community with a very different twist. There is banter among our members and coaches, we give each other a "hard" time, we even complain. We often times joke that we are a community of CrossFit "rejects" - normal, mostly hard-working individuals that know that exercise and eating right is important to live a long, healthy life.

Our members range from 9 years old to 70 years old, with members and coaches who have been with us for over 10 years. Our gym is called home to many self-proclaimed introverts, who have told us after visiting other fitness centers, that the CrossFit Eminence community makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. We come together to form a team to compete in soccer leagues, and teams to race at the Colorado Dragonboat Festival. Sometimes there's hiking, and paddleboarding, and we throw potlucks like the best of them. At CrossFit Eminence, everyone is inclusive, everyday people who love life - not just crazy, pumped-up fitness buffs who stare you down if you're eating a French fry.

You'll meet a diverse community where everyone has a different skillset - a community made up of those that don't consider themselves "athletes" in any way, former collegiate athletes that love to compete, and everyone in-between. But either way, there is a sense of true camaraderie and inclusion here from every member, and you will never feel like you are "in the way" at CrossFit Eminence.

The bottom line...

Bottom line is not all community-driven gyms are the same! Wherever you are, find that perfect CrossFit community that is right for you, and then get in that gym and feel motivated, energized, and ready to crush your goals!

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