Programming Focus Weekly Notes - 6/6/2022

Mon, 06 Jun 2022
September 2, 2022
Programming Focus Weekly Notes - 6/6/2022

Gym Programming Focus for CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Eminence Fit

Last week for early bird pricing for the Rad Fit Fest Individual Competition on July 2nd.

We have a lot going on in the next few months! In addition, we have some changes to our programming focus for several of our programs this month.

We have some major changes to our programming focus starting this week in CrossFit. The goal is to have everyone thinking about building/doing a version of the workout that is appropriate for them everyday. Our Eminence Fit programming has reverted back to our classic style of programming.


We will be offering three versions of the workout daily. The coaches will go over the different options during the brief to start out with each class to start. We have the main, the neutral, and the downshift workouts. The neutral workout (low impact) is for people that are new to the movements, or working with an injury. The Downshift version will help individuals manage intensity when needed. We can do them as written, or mix and match movements depending on what is right for you. There will be a lot of choices to make daily - make sure to communicate with your coach to find the right workout for you.

We are starting a new programming cycle - it will only last about 4 weeks. The focus for this cycle will be "strength with accessories", a "heavy + workout" day, and a "choose your own adventure workout" (new). We will continue to have our classic CrossFit workouts, and some longer duration workouts. Coming up in July is HERO month!

Olympic Weightlifting

The template of our weightlifting programming is Maximal Effort days on Monday and Tuesday. Monday is lower body focused, and Tuesday is upper body focused. On Thursday and Friday we have our speed/volume days with Thursday being lower and Friday being upper body. Thursday and Friday repeats every three weeks (with slightly higher percentages). Saturday's programming is utilized to fill out some extra volume where it is needed based on the weeks programming. Everyone can jump in at any time, and it is great for all skill levels. For this week's programming focus, we are still prioritizing strength by rotating through various forms of squats and pulls each day. We also work on technique with complexes at lower percentages. In addition, classical lifts testing will be done, as we are 21 days out from the Junior National Competition.


4 weeks into our volume based training for the bench press. We just completed our first week of 8x8, and it was a little challenging. We will continue to try and improve upon our numbers with this upcoming week. Improving our deadlift is the focus with this week's lower maximal effort day. Chest development, is the focus for upper Max Effort and Speed days. Similar to Olympic Weightlifting, our programming can be started at any time, and by all ability levels.


(Formerly Cardio Club) - We reverted back to our regular programming since "Murph" is done. As a reminder, we have three forms of workouts for our EminenceFIT programming - Endurance, Drive, and Push workouts. Our endurance workouts focus on longer, steady state workouts, where we try to manage our heart rates via the MyZone. The goal is typically to stay in the green zone (70-80% of your heart rate max) during these workouts. Our Drive workouts are a combination of aerobic and anaerobic training. We see a little more peaks and valleys in our heart rates during these workouts. This usually comes in the form of all types of work-to-rest ratio intervals. The Push workouts are mostly anaerobic in nature. We look to really spike the heart rate high, quickly, then work on reducing the heart rate to recover. In addition to our cardio training, we also do a press/pull/leg split. The splits work on either stabilization, muscle building, strength, or power. This week's training has a focus on stabilization for legs, presses, and pulling muscles. Stabilization training is important, as it is our foundation for building muscle, strength, and power.

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