Programming Focus Weekly Notes - 5/8/2022

Sun, 08 May 2022
September 2, 2022
Programming Focus Weekly Notes - 5/8/2022

Gym Programming Focus for CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Eminence Fit

In-House Powerlifting Meet:
Coach Dee completing the Back Squat

The best gyms will always provide a thoughtful programming focus, to optimize your workouts and help you reach your fitness and health goals. Here at Eminence, the types of classes that we offer and the programming for each class, are carefully planned out each week. Each class whether for CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, or Cardio Class, is individually programmed to meet a specific focus for each training cycle. Our focus is to improve any weaknesses so that we remove any deficiencies in strength, mobility, and flexibility, and improve our fitness and health for the rest of our life.


We are continuing our mesocycle with our "Build the Base" workouts, Heavy Days, Olympic weightlifting technique plus MetCon, and some classic CrossFit workouts. Our programming focus this week contains some higher repetition volume workouts, so listen to your body and recover as needed. Remember that you don't have to go 100% every single workout - we are more interested with consistency over time in order to keep your body healthy.

Olympic Weightlifting

Week three of our pendulum cycle, which means we are working at 85%. Remember that we are working on speed-strength during Thursday and Fridays, even if the movements are at 85% - treat it as RPE 8.5 and adjust the weight if necessary to maintain speed. We are folding in more volume, especially in the strength movements, as that is our priority. You will start to see more pulls and squats in the programming in the next few weeks to ensure we are continuing to increase our weight. We are managing CNS fatigue by utilizing more challenging technique movements during our max effort, which will prevent us from loading the barbell too heavy.


Start of a new mesocycle - we are adding volume to build some muscle and some GPP. Start of our volume bench cycle for our speed day as well - goal is to complete the rep scheme with a rep in reserve. We will continue the rep scheme until we can't anymore in the next few weeks, then move up in volume, but lower the intensity. We have a repetition method workout on Sunday that will be challenging but fun. Remember these days are all about restoration and staying healthy to allow us to improve in future workouts - don't miss it!


(Formerly Cardio Club) - Benchmark on Wednesday to see where we are at in our Murph Prep. Looking forward to a Half Murph Workout - it is a good indicator of where you are currently at, with the goal being sub 20 minutes. Come in to test out your gains on Wednesday! We continue our programming to try to increase volume in the run, squat, push-up, and pull-up on the weekend and the next few weeks. Can you believe there are only 3+ weeks left before Murph? The remainder of the programming is out there for the month to help you prepare.

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