Brand New Look: Phil's Weight Loss Journey

Sun, 19 Jun 2022
September 2, 2022
Brand New Look: Phil's Weight Loss Journey
Phil's brand new look after dieting - Front view
Phil's brand new look after dieting - Side view
Phil's brand new look after dieting - Back view

Participating in the nutrition challenge at CrossFit Eminence wasn't without challenges for Phil. He was dealing with a shoulder injury that was sustained outside of the gym for almost the entire 12 weeks. But he worked hard at his nutrition! He made sure he had 100% adherence to the lean protein, nutritious veggies, healthy carbs, and fats high in omega-3 fatty acids. Phil had incredible results that resulted in a brand new look!

Exceeding expectations

I went into the CrossFit Eminence Summer Shred Challenge thinking that I'd lose a few pounds. I'd be happy enough with that. But I had no idea what the other side would actually look like! I lost 30 pounds, 5" off my waist, and shed 7% of my body fat. All of my clothes are too big for me now and I'm fitting into shirts that used to be skintight on me.

Having the support

I was really appreciative of the fantastic support and the openness with questions or misunderstandings about how to calculate macronutrients. I learned a ton about what portion control actually looks like and gained a new appreciation for veggies! While shopping, I also learned how carbs, fats, and junk food in general is so heavily marketed at the grocery store. Produce is at the front and meat is at the back. Everything in between is carb, carb, carb and fat, fat, fat!

Overall, I'm blown away by what I accomplished! I'm grateful to have been able to participate in this nutrition program with excellent coaches and competitors.

Congrats, Phil on your brand new look!

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