Gym Programming Weekly Notes - 5/2/2022

Mon, 02 May 2022
September 2, 2022
Gym Programming Weekly Notes - 5/2/2022

Gym Programming Updates for CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Eminence Fit

Tristan preforming Butterfly pull-ups in CrossFit Competition

The best gyms will always provide thoughtful gym programming, to optimize your workouts and help you reach your fitness and health goals. Here at Eminence, the types of classes that we offer and the programming for each class, are carefully planned out each week. Each class whether for CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, or Cardio Class, is individually programmed to meet a specific focus for each training cycle. Our focus is to improve any weaknesses while removing any deficiencies in strength, mobility, and flexibility. We will improve your fitness and health for the rest of our life!


In our CrossFit classes this past week, we finished our deload week. We hope that everyone is feeling great! CrossFit class is a high intensity fitness program, and so these deload weeks are important. Our CrossFit gym programming will now continue on our current cycle to focus on strength, technical movements, and building the base.

Olympic Weightlifting

This is the second week of our new gym programming cycle for Olympic Weightlifting! This week will include squats for our strength training, lifts from the hang and jerk complexes for our technical work, and more posterior chain and elbow/triceps work for hypertrophy. We continue with week 2 of our 3-week pendulum training to increase our speed-strength, where the percentages increase slightly from last week - remember the focus is speed during these workouts, so ensure the bar speed doesn't change when going up in percentage this week!


Max Effort Upper day includes some vertical pressing. Then we continue to focus on building up triceps strength for our accessory work. We are moving on from our pull focused Max Effort Lower days, to squat focused. We will be heading back for some box squats! Focus for this week is stance width to ensure we are targeting the hips and posterior chain when performing the box squat. We are focusing on low back work for our accessories again this week for Wednesday's workout. Week 3 of the pendulum wave, so percentages are going up again, but rep schemes will change a little to account for accommodation. Continue to attack the accessory work hard, since they will help your main lifts the most.


(Formerly Cardio Club) - We are on week 4 of our Murph Prep programming and we are still building our volume in the run, pushup, pullup, and squat. Wednesday's workout focuses on increasing our run volume with some time priority work on the treadmills. In addition we will continue to add volume through variation in the push-up and squat. Saturday's workout is a fun one as we will be doing a modified version of Cindy (Cindy XXX) to test our current capabilities in the pullup, push-up, and air squat. Remember that you can wear your weight vests during the EminenceFIT classes (for some movements or the entire class). On Sunday we will have special workouts programmed for Mother's Day! Bring in your Mother for a free class to get some fitness in.

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