Gym Programming Weekly Notes - 5/30/2023

Our gym's weekly programming focus for CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and our Zone Class.
Chad Rames
May 30, 2023
Gym Programming Weekly Notes - 5/30/2023

We just finished up a cycle with a deload week last week, and we are now headed into a new programming cycle with some new priorities for our training in CrossFit. Since we all just crushed the Murph workout, it is now time to change our Zone class back to our regular programming - we will also be starting a 12 week cycle with a different focus as well.


Conditioning will be the focus for CrossFit in the next cycle. We have three types of workouts that we will have each week, in addition to the classic CrossFit programming that includes couplets (2 movements), triplets (3 movements), EMOMs, and AMRAPS.

The picture above provides a graph with the relationship between power and time, and which energy system you utilize based on the combination of the two - we will be targeting all three of the energy systems pictured. We will work on our Anaerobic and Aerobic capacity during this cycle by two style of workouts. The first is Zone 2 work - Zone 2 refers to your heart rate zone (there are 5 zones total) and is around 60-70 percent of your heart rate max. This work helps improve your aerobic capacity as we are bringing down the power output and increasing the duration. These workouts will help us apply the pacing work we did in the last cycle to a longer time - think 20, 30, or even 40 minute workouts. The second type of workout will be taxing our Anaerobic metabolic pathway. This is the energy system that CrossFit usually hits hard - we will have interval type work with short sprints (all out) with longer rest periods to help recover. This working portion of the sprint can be done multiple ways - and this week we are using the bike and barbell to get after it. The final thing we will be working on is some Grunt work. Grunt work is usually are movements that are less technical but still effective at building strength, conditioning, and developing your core. Expect to see a lot of carries, drags for these workouts, as well as us doing these outside in the nice weather!

Note: The names of the three workouts per day changed from Low Impact and Recovery to Grow and Refresh, respectively. It is the same focus for these workouts, Grow for those dealing with an injury or can't handle more ballistic style movements, and Refresh for those that need to take a step back from intensity for the day based on how they are feeling.

Olympic Weightlifting

We just took a little deload for Oly, which saw less volume to help our bodies recover. This week the volume returns through complexes and additional sets in an effort to prepare us for the upcoming competition in June. As we get closer to the competition, expect to see more of a transition to the classic lifts - Snatch and the Clean and Jerk with an increase in percentages. Remember to stay true to the percentages, as they do increase week over week to help us peak, as well as manage our CNS fatigue.


This is our third cycle of 5/3/1 and we are moving to a anchor template. We previously completed two lead templates and must now switch to an anchor. We've added another set to the end of our working sets (5's, 3's and 1's) and it is called the Widowmaker. It is a set that drops the percentage back down to the first percentage, and you do a very large rep scheme with it (15-20 reps). This adds more volume to the program so make sure you are listening to your body and resting if you need to, for those doing Powerlifting and CrossFit. Also, we want you to really push the AMRAP and Widowmaker set, and should be working very close to failure (but not failing) - but be careful with the deadlifts. Once your form breaks down on the deadlift - stop, don't keep pushing. After this cycle we will re-test to see how effective the cycle has been.


We are returning to our regularly scheduled zone programming, which means we focus on working in different heart zone ranges to help increase our conditioning. In addition to the heart rate zone training, we will be working on some hypertrophy (muscle building) work through the use of dumbbells and kettlebells. For the return of the zone class, we are testing this week to see where we are with our conditioning, using three of our gym benchmarks. Make sure to come in and test out where you are at, and get in some muscle building work. The next 12 weeks will include training to improve lean mass (we do a push/pull/leg split) as well as increase your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Keep up the great work and we will see you in the gym!

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